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Aus-Rotten Split 7"

You're A Disgrace
You're a disgrace (x4) I hear this shit everyday.
You're a disgrace (X4) They think I'm crazy.
You're a disgrace (x4) Always talking down to me.
You're a disgrace (x4) I'm no longer listening.
If you don't like what I'm doing you don't have to watch me do it.
If you don't like how I'm living it's your problem I don't care.
If you don't like that I'm different I don't need you anyway.
You will never change me.

Drivin' Down the Road
Driving down the road in a stolen car
Gotta get away from this stinking town
Don't wanna be like my mom. Don't wanna be like my dad
Living a structured life in a suburban pad
Why should I go to school to get a boring job
My money won't even matter when I'm in the ground
I'll do what I want; I'll do what I choose (x2)
I gotta leave this place. I will never come back
I think about it tonight as I take a deep breath
How many more have I got before I meet my death
I used to get so tired thinking about my fate
I know I can't live my life doing something I hate
I'll do what I want. I have nothing to lose
I've gotta leave this place. Don't try to hold me back
I'm gonna leave this place. I will never come back
If you're bored with your life then don't be a fool
Make your own decisions. Create your own rules
Driving down the road in a stolen car
Gotta get away from this stinking town

Compilation 7" w/ Los Crudos

Stop the Hate
Everyone is created different.
Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same?
Everyone has problems getting through life.
Another ethnic group is not to blame.
Stop the hate... Now.
The struggle still continues on this planet.
For autonomy, equality and peace.
Racism keeps on dividing us.
It takes us one step further away from peace (x2)
Stop the hate (x4)
I hate all supremacist groups.
I hate all stupid bigoted assholes.
No one's superior to anyone else.
You're a fool if you think you are. Go fuck yourself!
The leaders promote this racial hatred.
So we fight amongst ourselves not against them.
Divided our cause is much weaker.
If you want freedom racism must end (x2)
Stop the hate... Now!